How to Win Roulette in Vegas – Roulette Martingale Strategy

Martingale’s roulette strategy is named after J. Henry Martingale, who invented it and became a pioneer in the application. This person has developed a unique game method for his casinos. However, ironically, not fully exploring the possibilities of strategy, the author’s institutions became bankrupt, as some players used his own method, acting as a counterbalance.

This strategy is used not only when playing roulette, it has found its place in lotteries, is used in bookmakers and even in forex. Now we’ll tell how to win roulette in Vegas, using this famous method.

It should be noted that the main advantage of the Martingale roulette is long-term good results in plus. However, if you do not stop in time, you can lose all the money.

How to Win Roulette in Vegas - Roulette Martingale Strategy

Strategy basis

The essence of the method is that the bet doubles after losing. Bets are placed on outcomes that are equally probable. For example, these are black or red fields or odd / even. In such a strategy, the probability of winning will be slightly less than 50%, this is due to the fact that sometimes there is zero. In the case of a win according to the Martingale strategy in roulette, not only the initial bet is returned, but also the loss is returned.

How to win roulette in offline casino? Example of Martingale strategy

  • Take the most popular bet on red / black with a nominal value of $ 1. The player bets on red and loses.
  • The next bet will also be on red, but its size will already be $ 2. If black falls again, the player bets on red again, but at a rate of $ 4, and so on until the ball falls on red. In this case, the player returns the full amount of money spent on previously made bets, plus wins $ 1.
  • The next bet after winning will be again equal to $ 1. That is, no matter how many times a player loses, sooner or later the ball will still fall on the selected sector.

To use the Martingale roulette statistics, you must carefully read the rules of casinos. If you want to use this method, the institution should provide an opportunity to make a fixed bet, have a large limit on the maximum bet, and also allow the player to win “big.”

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