How to win at roulette in a real casino. Tips on how to make money on roulette!

Despite the fact that the game of roulette is, first of all, luck, there are several tips how to win in roulette in real casino.

Tips on how to make money on roulette!

  1. Play according to well-known strategies or develop your own betting model.
  2. Before making a bet, you need to study your chances of winning. The same bets on black / red, odd / even and 1-18 / 19-36 minimize the casino advantage in any roulette games.
  3. Try to play at a table with betting limits that match your gaming budget. It’s best to play at a minimum, but stretch out the pleasure for as long as possible. Place bets on sectors not with maximum wins, but on those that give a minimal advantage to a gambling establishment.
  4. Risk is a noble cause, but in the case when you played big and won, it’s time to stop playing.
  5. The longer the series of games, the greater the casino advantage. On average, it is 5%, but you can reduce this mark to a minimum by choosing the right type of bet.
  6. When choosing a roulette, it is better to stop at the European one, the rules of which at some point allow you to give up, while reducing the advantages of the casino. It is better not to play American roulette, as its double zero significantly reduces the chances of winning. French roulette with the En Prison rule, allowing players to continue the game further in case the ball hits the zero – the most attractive option.
  7. Try to always bet in equal amounts, which will give the casino a minimal advantage. In the case of such bets on black / red and even / odd using the En Prison rule, the chances of at least staying with your money are significantly increased.
  8. The rules of En Prison or La partage, which can exist in different types of roulettes, can mitigate the situation and reduce the advantage of the casino to almost 1%. En Prison, in the event of a zero or double zero in the American version, makes it possible to save a bet, pick it up or continue the game further. The La partage rule returns the player half the stake, thereby halving the casino advantage.
  9. It is highly recommended not to bet on numbers that are multiples of 5. In this case, the casino will have as many as 7.3% handicaps, which is much more than when betting on other numbers.
  10. Remember that in any case it will not be possible to completely eliminate the advantage of the casino, but it is quite possible to minimize it.

Now you know, how to win at roulette in Vegas or in other city of gambling.

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