How to win at roulette – the best strategy to win at online casinos

There are a lot of ways to play roulette, but not all of them are effective enough. The chaotic arrangement of chips of various denominations in 37 cells (36 digits and one zero), of course, can allow you to win at roulette and give a big jackpot, but often does not bring the desired and expected result. Now we’ll tell, how to win roulette game online without high cost.

Therefore, before asking how to win online roulette games, it is necessary to determine a few tactics and strategy of the game and be sure to set for yourself the “bar” of possible loss, the limits of which you should not go under any circumstances.

How to win at roulette - the best strategy to win at online casinos

So, now a little about strategy. Of course, we all know the very famous Hook method, or as it is also called the Jeeves method. It is extremely simple and consists in the following: you should bet on red until it falls out each time doubling the bet amount, and when the desired color falls out, start betting on black also constantly doubling the bet if the color is red.


  • we put 1 dollar on red;
  • fell out – black;
  • we put 2 dollars on red;
  • dropped out – red color;
  • win = 1 dollar;
  • we put 1 dollar on black, etc.

Important: in case of zero, you need to double the bet and bet on the opposite color, that is, if you bet one dollar on black before, then two dollars must be put on black.

It would seem that it is quite effective, but sometimes the same color falls out too many times, and your finances, as mentioned earlier, are defined by the “bar”. Therefore, in order for your deposit to be enough and faith and hope in earning money in gambling not to be completely lost, the initial bet must be made equal to ten cents (many virtual casinos allow this to be done in the training mode for real, real money games).

Go, play and win!

Let’s improve our method and begin to bet not only on the color, but also on one of the two halves of the playing field, as well as on the even – odd value, adhering to the same principle of doubling a bet in case of loss. So, the profit from our bets has already reached thirty cents. Now let’s try to manipulate two-thirds of the playing field. You should bet on two of the three parts of the field, but you must remember that in case of loss, the bet on each of the parts does not double, but triple.

Now you know how to win roulette game in casino and really get an unearthly pleasure from this event and you can, although not as much as we would like, but still increase your budget.

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