Why Martingale roulette strategy doesn’t work in some online casinos

The point is simple. You bet a little money and if you lose, you double the amount of the next bet. And so on. Naturally, not for the purpose of altruism or painful masochism. It is understood that after several defeats, a victory will come that will cover all previous losses. But if Martingale roulette strategy is not working?

The inconsistency of Martingale roulette online sheme is that it often requires large sums of money to play, because on the 10th doubling line without a gain at the initial bet of $ 1, the player will need to bet $ 512, and at stake 11 more than a thousand dollars. In total, the lost funds, this will take away from the balance sheet more than 2 thousand dollars. I remind you that if the victory takes place, then the win will be only the one that was originally planned at the first rate from $ 1.

The second argument that online casino not paying out Martingale is the presence of a maximum bet or ceiling. In some casinos, this bet is limited to $ 200. Accordingly, if a player on Martingale tactics does not have time to win in 8 steps, then his deposit will be merged into empty and everything can be started anew.

How much are you willing to endure?

One loss, another, third. But there is no victory. At the very beginning you put very little money, but the rates are growing like a snowball. And here the bettor, like any rational person, has a doubt: you can drop everything right now and get off with a relatively small loss. But the martingale strategy implies that you need to play in anticipation of an imminent victory. If you have experience and a working betting system, then this will happen in the end. Your bank will be the ceiling, but more often – the fear of its complete loss.

Thus, it turns out that the Martingale scheme can really work, but in the presence of large funds and in the absence of a ceiling in the form of a maximum rate. If at least one point cannot be fulfilled, then such a scheme should be left out of your head and enjoy playing on slots in anticipation of the usual arrival of good luck and win!

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