How To Play Roulette Game: Rules, Roulette Table

How To Play Roulette GameHow To Play Roulette

Roulette is the queen of casino games at Casinochan. This game has passed through the centuries and has remained incredibly popular in our times. Several years ago, interesting online versions of the roulette game appeared. Today, such well-known software companies like Evolution and Bgaming present interesting varieties of roulette games:

  • Lightning Roulette (Evolution).
  • VIP Roulette (Evolution).
  • High Speed ​​Roulette (Evolution).
  • European Roulette (Bgaming).

Attention! All these games are exciting, with live dealers and roulette online real money.

Any roulette from the list will entice you for long hours; you will feel as if in a real casino hall. The rules of roulette are simple. Starting the game, we advise you to get ready to make a big bet and pick up an impressive amount of winnings.

If you want to learn how to play roulette, start with unpretentious online games. Go through the list in more detail.

Evolution Roulette “Lightning”

This is a unique symbiosis of conventional Live Roulette and random number generator. This game is unique in that it follows an unusual scenario that differs from classic roulette. Its creators have made a real revolution in the world of gambling.

The game has a charming design; a distinctive feature is an interesting color of the field in black and gold colors. The whole game is accompanied by a multimedia show with accompaniment of light and musical effects.

Lightning fast roulette is represented by regular bets and “Lucky Numbers” sectors, which increase the player’s chances of a big win. All payments on split, red / black, and dozens bet are accounted for according to standard rules.

Evolution VIP Roulette

How to play VIP roulette? This question is quite often concerned about online casino visitors.

This game is for the most courageous and risky visitors to the site. The game is represented by large bet sizes. It has an aggressive red appearance. The game of VIP roulette is conducted on large amounts of cash from roulette. Otherwise, this game is completely classic – with one zero and the classic rules.

High Speed ​​Roulette (Evolution)

This game is a novelty from Evolution software. The essence of the game is that the croupier rotates the wheel every 25 seconds, and bets are made only when the ball rotates inside the wheel.

A guide to playing roulette is not much different from the rules of playing classic roulette in a real casino.

Speed ​​Roulette is the fastest roulette in the world. Today, it has become an excellent addition to various online roulette games on the CasinoChan website.

European Roulette (Bgaming)

European roulette from Bgaming – a common gambling fun. It is also available to Internet users online.

Playing roulette is not difficult, it is important to know only the general rules and features of each type of roulette.


General rules of the game of roulette:

  • Participants make bets.
  • The circumference of the roulette wheel is launched.
  • Balls are launched in the opposite direction.
  • In the end, the ball falls into one of the cells and then it becomes clear who won.
  • All non-playing chips go to the club fund.

The game of roulette online is completely free. Online casino Casinochan gives its visitors the opportunity to test your luck. Winning is real money. To start the wheel of fortune just click “Play” button.

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